We are going tome make language learning fun by combining technology with physical game-like activities. Our system will turn teachers into game designers, by giving them the opportunity to create their own gamified content and incorporate it into the curriculum.

Customizable learning experience

The web-based platform will serve as a virtual assistant for the teachers and help them to program the wearables and design their own learning games.

  • Teach languages

  • Be creative

  • Customize your content

Wearable artifacts

Playing active games is important for pupils health, combining digital and physical will bring traditional games into modern context. Our wearable technology will not only enhance the game immersion and help with learning new things, but it will track performance and provide educators with data about the progress of the class.

Interactive technology

Our purpose is to create an interactive experience for the pupils and increase the learning outcome. We will accomplish this through the use of microcontrollers, NFC technology, speech recognition and different sensors Having an interactive learning experience will bring active learning and learn through play to a new level where knowledge and physical activity are merged.

User friendly

Our software solution will serve as a virtual assistant for teachers and help them to create language learning games. The platform will guide educators in the process of programming the interactive wearables through an intuitive and user-friendly environment. Furthermore, it will track performance and give suggestions about improvements in the learning process, based on machine learning.


LAHU is a multidisciplinary team of four people, newly graduate master students with profesional background in different disciplines and a network of mentors and consultants with diverse skills, qualifications and experience.

ALeksandar Novakov

UX/Concept Designer

Aleks has experience in developing concepts for gamified educational solutions, IT project management and Business Strategy. He is a graduate master student at the Southern University of Denmark, Kolding with a speciality in IT Product Design.

Svetlana Petrova

Communication Specialist

Svetlana is experienced working in a startup environment for 4 years as well as 7 years of working experience in a corporate setting. She posses knowledge in Business Management, Sales, Retail, HR, Digital Marketing. Has been studying in SDU, Kolding, a master in Strategic Entrepreneurship and also posses a second master in Finance.

Alexandros Sapounidis

Interaction Designer/Engineer

Alex is experienced in interactive technologies as he has been involved in several related projects. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering with a skill set in electronics, CAD, 3D modelling and programming.

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Pauline Fredskilde

Linguist/Product Design

Nikolay Shindarov

Linguist/IT Specialist

Liana Mavronanou

Creative Director

Lazaros Totsas

Software Engineer

Elena Novakova

Marketing and Project Manager

Theodoros Manolis

Accounting & Finance

Trifon Gatev

Business Developer/Accounting

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